I have a cold.

A sniffling, sneezing, stuffy head,  fever – I don’t know – at 98.2 my temperature is higher than its usual 97.4, but I don’t know if doctors consider…anything but what a book tells them to or not to.

I haven’t had a cold since 2013.

Having MS is difficult

but it has its perks.

Not having colds often is one of them.

So today I have both MS symptoms and a Cold.

I’m kinda miserable.

I avoid cold medicines, because I don’t want to disrupt the medicines I’m currently on.  So it’s tea with lemon and honey, and maybe soup.


Oh Brother…

I would share this on my Spark Blog, but something tells me they might not appreciate it over there. 🙂

After 45 minutes at the grocery store I could barely walk.  It always seems the perfect time to remember that I would often stand for 4 hours at a time in my previous life. Hmm 😦

Movement (including exercise) is often a chore.  I must learn to like seated exercise a bit more than I do.

I must.