Fact or Fiction

My birthday is next week, the PT came in yesterday.  I’ve lost  a lot of mobility in my hips, but I was able to do the standing exercises. My balance sucks and she told me that I should be using my cane inside the house.  Hmm. I was just so happy to be able to do something. Did I tell you that once the infusion was done it took 5 days to be totally numb again? 🙂 freaking

Disturbed by what is going on with Rudy.  You know if you are a part of my era – you’re probably calling her Rudy too.  But that’s just the thing, I keep on wondering if her TV family is supporting her, but we don’t really know do we?  I mean, the person who is going through this is Keisha – not Rudy.  And while in my idealistic dreams, she is somewhere surrounded by Claire, Sandra, Denise Theo and Vanessa….we don’t know if she is surrounded by Phylicia, Sabrina, Lisa, Malcolm and Tempest. Because nothing snaps you back into reality like understanding that these are people just like we are.  Not characters.  I so wish her the best.

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Hmmm, Marriage

lovelightsSo the day has officially come.  I am the only one of my tiny group of friends who is not married.  Well, the last friend is not married yet, just engaged, but still, I’m not there – not even close.  I was waiting for the twinge of sadness, longing, jealousy – something, but thank God they didn’t knock me down or run me over.  It does hurt my heart that I probably won’t be able to play a larger part in one of my oldest friend’s ceremony, but that’s just life right now. Continue reading