You win some, you lose some

physical-therapy-clip-artPT is really difficult, but I must stick with it.  My body will function better for it.  A new dangerous habit I’m forming is needing to have  coffee or green tea in order to have a little energy – either to make it through the exercises or to make it through the rest of the day. This article talks about caffeine myths, but since Im experiencing some of these “myths” I’m not sure.
UPDATE: I practiced the stairs today! And completed all of my exercises. I kicked MS in the butt today…then it proceeded to try to get me back by snatching all of my balance for the next hour. Continue reading

Somebody Loved

Take a Break

I love the weepies and I love this song.
kinda feels like a hug
I used to think -If ever I have a reception.
But I won’t wait until then.
This is an everyday song 🙂


A Book Report

This is something I remember repeatedly watching when I was young and I still remember almost all of the words. The brain (even a partially broken one) is an amazing thing. BTW  I was completely a mix of Linus and Charlie when I was growing up. Perhaps I still am.