More Than Words

Happiness provided by another is just temporary unless you have some happiness of your own to join with theirs.

You cant depend 100% on someone else to provide you with happiness.

If you aren’t happy inside, someone else wont be able to make you happy eternally.

What is your personality type?

Based on the words you use
What Is Your Personality Type According To The Words You Use?

The Artist

You’re the Artist! Based on the words you use, you’re creative, unique and resourceful with a keen appreciation of beauty. You’re lovable, friendly and live for the here and now. Though sometimes misunderstood, you simply march to beat of your own drum and your perspective on life is very unique. Whether as a writer, builder, painter, poet, musician or simply a deep thinker, your artistic talent makes you a remarkable person with a deep appreciation for the finer things in life.