A short haircut dyed red
A business of my own
All bills paid.
When i start to feel worthless (as I do sometimes)
I look for my worth in other things.

Useless things

Thirst, a yearning for more.  We all thirst for something.

Sometimes I thirst for validation, but
I won’t find any lasting satisfaction in anything of this world though. The thirst quenchers the world offers are temporary. They last only for a little while.

We have to dig deeper to find the living water, the water that quenches completely.

What do you thirst for?

Where No One Stands Alone – The Peasall Sisters

It feels like everyday was a struggle this week, but I will not complain, everything could be so much worse.
Loneliness. You know what’s the most crushing loneliness? The loneliness – when you aren’t actually alone. The room is filled, your SO is right beside you, your bffs are in the other room, but you? You are lonely. That is the worst. Continue reading