A $132,000 Bill?

Is the museum suing the right party?  The museum did not invite the people with the kids to their establishment.  The engaged couple who invited the family to their wedding gave the invitation. Perhaps they should offer to split the cost if the case is not dropped.
If someone was watching the child he probably would not have been able to topple  the art piece.   In a different interview, the mom was indignant that instead of asking if her son was ok, they presented her with a bill. How dare they? It’s not her son’s fault that the piece toppled on him. It’s their fault for not having it more secure.

What do you think?


He Turned It

The Lyrics – Encouraging
Melody -Soul Stirring
Outfits – Stylish
Facial Expressions – Highly Entertaining
Message – Priceless
Don’t give up on God

That’s Something…

So, I still cant really walk, but…thank God I can stand up.  That’s something.

Summer is coming, I’m one of those strange people who do not enjoy heat ( #5 is why)  but September is coming… That’s something.

I am slowly seeping in to where I was before rehab. That is unacceptable. That’s something too. ..

I popped in to FB for a few moments yesterday and saw one of the women in my MS group mention how as much as her MS is progressing, her kids don’t really help her around the house. Their  therapist has advised them that doing chores at home is NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.


I am certain that is something too, but I assure you it is not something that could NOT happen in my home.  That there, that is unacceptable.