That time when Bollywood Saved Me

It is an old movie, but this is still one of my favorite movie party scenes. When I was going through my diagnosis time, things were so very stressful in my life, and I would escape into books during the week, but on the weekend I escaped into the world of Bollywood and all things Indian. I do believe I wrote about it here. Those movies were a life saver for me back then. I cant read the subtitles like I used to, but seeing/hearing this song reminds me of what I used to be able to do. I miss Bollywood films, but I still love the music scenes. This one in particular has so many of Bollywood’s other starlets. it’s just a really fun scene.

Loss 3


Can you truly appreciate your health if you still have it?  I don’t think you can UNLESS you know, very personally, someone who suffers because of the absence of their health. It is why these people cant get a decent Healthcare Bill together. Have of them approach with nothing but their own good health, and there are a few who remember those who don’t have it. And of course, there are the ones who don’t care either way – it is not their healthcare that will be affected.

That’s All (2017)

Tonight, I  am reminded of something I wrote 2 years ago, but just in about the same place.  NYC is not shut down.  There was a TON of backlash for the mayor 2 years ago, he will probably never do anything like that again.  People were a lot more angry than grateful, especially when the storm didn’t end up hitting us directly.  The schools are shut down for tomorrow and they are predicting 8-12 inches of snow.  The 3 main tenants here are the same just 2 years older, 2 years of more MS progression, and a father who in his stubborn thought that he is still 20, attempted to shovel the last time we had some snow and ended up collapsing twice and ending the morning with a ride in an ambulance (and that was light fluffy snow).  This is going to be that heavy icy stuff.  I am still a little fretful, but I thank God for good neighbors, and hope they will come to our aid again.  I am struggling to maintain perspective within our current world.  This is the day my mother died so many years ago. It was a Saturday.  You never forget that.
I find the memory to be the most swift and efficient way to gain my perspective back. If you want to know what this song has to do with perspective…read the blog entry.