Thank You

Feeling especially lately that sometimes you wonder why.

Or is it worth it? It is.  Thank you for your service.


It’s 10 Days Away!

I think I’m one of the only people in this city that did not realize that next week is Thanksgiving. It’s not like I can do the cooking I’d like to in any case, but it’s still a special time. I don’t know if we’ll do much of anything this year. Maybe we can have a dessert celebration or a sides soiree?

A Sides Soiree? Yes Please.Options for days

The Dessert Celebration? Thank you!

So many people looked down on this,but there really are some people who don’t have another way to prepare a holiday meal. Should they skip Thanksgiving because you don’t approve? I think not.

Not going to leave you hanging Veggie folk!
Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Vegan Thanksgiving

So in my family, turkey isn’t a big deal…but maybe it is in your family! (We wash and brine our poultry, Clorox clean up or vinegar solution takes care of the ickies)