Drinks Anyone?

I ordered a wheelchair today.  It  is for use outside when /if I get there. It’s just easier to get out of people’s way sometimes. I hope Ill be able to throw it out one day.

I don’t drink alcohol, I’m afraid I would fall in love with it. I don’t want to find a bottle I wouldn’t mind drowning my sorrows in. That goes for really strong painkillers, sedatives and just anything that would excuse me from my life for a minute. I wouldn’t want to prefer it there.

The drinks featured are able to be altered to your preference.


Just one of those Days…

Baby, it’s cold outside. One vegetarian/vegan (water or vegetable stock no dairy) and one non-vegetarian (chicken stock and cream) option of the same soup

If I could safely make my way around the kitchen, this is what would be in my pot.