You Inspire Me 2

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In other news Writing Day 18 – I don’t even remember where I first came across her art, but ever since I did, I’ve loved it. Nidhi Chanani’s art is always like a cup of sunshine to my soul.  For me it is a mixture of whimsy and memory.  Some of her work reminds me of the pictures that were in the books i loved when I was little.  I also love how she shows her growth as an artist and lets us know that what makes her better is making more art. Just like the only way we can become better writers is by writing more.

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Everyday Love


What inspires You?

In case you need some help: 31 ways to find Inspiration for your Writing


You Inspire Me 1

In other news: Writing Day 16 – I thought about naming this – A Writer’s Playlist. I considered – An Author’s Adoration, I even thought of a Lyricist’s Love, but I’m not a lyricist, although by this time you do know who my favorite lyricist is:


Lin-Manuel Miranda



He’s on many people’s radar now that Hamilton is literally the hottest ticket in NYC, and he has won so many awards lately, but he’s been my favorite since In the Heights and House.  The first time I saw him perform, I knew he was a genius – really and I told people about him, because he is a genius.  It just took like 7 years for everyone else to catch on for some reason. I even, with another lmm lover, made a fan blog in those early days that he used to read! I’m not sure if his creativity knows any bounds. His music and stories are an inspiration to me. It’s awesome, people are sometimes frightened because he raps, but when your rap inspires kids to learn about the forefathers of their country,  and how France has been our ally since the revolutionary war, you must know that he is not doing the rap you might be thinking about.  This video was done back in 2009 when he went to the White House. At this time Hamilton was still just an idea blossoming. Now, you can’t get a ticket until the ending of next year. Listen to the story. Be amazed. And then listen to the final version that they sing over in Manhattan every night.  I love that it took so long, we see what hard work and tons of talent can create.

What inspires You?

In case you need some help: 31 ways to find Inspiration for your Writing