April Again

For the past ten years, when it has been March – May, my MS symptoms are “kicked up a notch”.  I can barely walk despite humidity percentage below 60. I’m so tired and getting through the day has become downright difficult even though I have to stay in one place most of the day… perhaps some of this  angst is because I must stay in one place most of the day.

Starting to wonder – just because of the consistent Spring/Fall timing of my flares – if allergens have anything to do with this trigger.  Hmm.

If you remember the last two years, my insurance has  fought tooth and nail to avoid paying for my treatment and that is where we are right now.  Last year, unbeknownst to me, my dr got extra funding to cover a great deal of the cost – wow.

Thank you Lord.

Please work another miracle for me!



*So I moved on to the series after Yada Yada prayer group and they decided to switch from Barbara Rosenblatt mid series – HUGE mistake.  Rosenblatt did not read the rest of the Yada Yada series, and I had wondered why, but I’d rather her not read as opposed to them trying to hire someone else mid stride!

A Painful Truth

helenkellerI sincerely hope that this is what Im going through right now.

Is it possible that I read 4 books last week?

One guess on how I deal with difficult situations.

Hey, it’s better than beating someone with my cane 🙂

Although there is a presidential candidate who I think might deserve a beating with a cane.  I’m not even trying to tell you who.

My other painful truth is that drinking that yummy looking drink – would put me in all kinds of trouble.including just 3 hours of sleep because caffeine is a sometimes necessary evil in the life of someone with MS,