Lately,  I’ve been watching the webseries of a young man who goes around the world eating.  Yep, he travels the world to have meals the locals an others have suggested.  What made me find this man so interesting was the way he savored his food.  His eyes get wide or he closes them and dips his head. You can just tell he is thrilled and grateful for whatever it is he is eating.  What also makes things interesting are the comments.  There are simply some people who think his movements are weird or “cringey” I wonder how they savor something. Do they even know how to savor? Do you?  I’m not sure it is something we do that much in this country, for fear someone notices you enjoying your food! Oh the humanity! Warning– He eats meat multiple times in this video, but you’ll be glad to know he savors vegetarian/vegan food , with the same gusto! Skip the meat eating if it is difficult for you. Savor the mango rice!

Some of the bites he takes, makes me ultra concerned.  How??  Isnt he afraid  he might choke?  I tend to savor good stories, a well written book, an intelligent mind.  You know, nerd stuff.









Immigrants…We Get the Job Done

The title of this entry is taken from the musical Hamilton. 

I live in Queens, NY.  It is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in America.  It’s something I guess I take for granted.  There are Black, White , Hispanic, Asian, Indian…and within those groups are other groups from all over. And I love it.   For most of my time in school I was an ESL instructor.  All of my students were immigrants and some of them were the very best people Ive ever met in my whole life.  Immigrants are not useless.  It puzzles me why some people are made to prove they deserve to be here.  We ourselves are foreigners.  If you are not a Native American – your family also came from some place else.

On another..and sad note. I found out yesterday that one of my blog friends died over the weekend,  She went through so much, with strength. I’m glad to have known her. RIP Melissa.